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Here are 4 of the most common cleaning errors

Cleaning can be a tedious task, but someone has to do it. The thing is, even if we succeed in getting everything spotless, we may be going about it in a way that might cause damage later on.

It may not seem like it, but getting a simple part of the process wrong can cause more problems than we thought.

Here’s how to avoid putting a step wrong in your quest for cleanliness.


Jet washing outdoor surfaces

Admit it, you love the feeling of spraying surfaces with jets of water. It’s a childish pleasure to see all that muck wash off, but it’s not as useful as it looks.

Water blasted out of a nozzle can damage many surface types through sheer pressure, causing cracks which can widen once water sets into them: limestone and natural stone on our driveways, for example, or wooden decking.

The answer? Well, it might cost a pretty penny, but a DOFF hot water steam cleaner is the way to go for delicate surfaces. It uses steam pressure to clean stone firmly but gently, without damaging anything in the process. Its cost, though, means that this tends to be the domain of professional cleaners.


Scrubbing windows with abrasive cleaners

When it comes to removing those stubborn stains from windows, it’s tempting to reach for those abrasive pads that really dig into the glass.

Bad move, experts say. The rough surface of the pad often scratches the glass, and leaves it with a mark you definitely won’t be able to get out.

Instead, a squeegee is the most effective window-cleaning utensil around. It might look soft, but it will almost certainly get that stain out.

Also, for an extra squeaky clean, a pure water system is the best way to get a spotless window.


Not using a protective seal

A good clean often isn’t just about removing existing dirt, it can be about delaying the time until the next clean, too.

When it comes to driveways, for instance, it’s important to lay down a protective sealant after cleaning. This adds an extra layer of protection to the surface, protecting it from the elements for as long as possible, and preventing the cracks and fissures that bring about repairs. Roofs and gutters, too, benefit from algae treatment that stops the regrowth of new weeds.

Not doing this just brings the next clean along much sooner, hitting your bank balance where it hurts.


Rushing the job

10 minutes, one hour, half a long a job takes isn’t important, as long as it’s done well.

For many of us who are not used to cleaning, we often cut corners as the task is taking us longer than we thought and we get frustrated. Yet this just means the job doesn’t get finished, causing more problems in the long run.

It’s essential not to cram cleaning into a hectic schedule, so if you’re pushed for time and want the job done to the highest standard, why risk the stress? Pro Team Cleaning will take care of it for you - just visit our website for a free no-obligation quote.

Check out these 3 oddly satisfying cleaning videos

Check out these 3 oddly satisfying cleaning videos

It seems like we’re always connected to technology these days, whether it’s checking emails, organizing meetings or doing the online shop. The pandemic has made it an even bigger part of our lives than before, giving many of us a feeling of ‘digital burnout’.

But we can also use tech to give us a soothing moment or two. Many people like to stream their favorite music via Spotify, or watch TV on the iPlayer. Another trend that’s been doing the rounds is watching videos that give an odd sense of satisfaction, like sharpening a pencil perfectly or popping bubble wrap.

Cleaning can also give us this strange sense of pleasure, or at least watching. This is where we can help: we decided to take videos of some of our work — we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Cleaning a roof

When we recorded this video, we wanted to give you an idea of what goes into a day’s work when you hire us, from setting up the equipment to ensuring that the job is done to perfection.

You’ll notice that we never set foot on the roof once, as to avoid damaging it. Instead, we set up a mobile platform and use extendable tools to carry out the process from there.

The time-lapse shows the two cleaning stages: the first is the initial clean, where a spinner skims the surface to remove lichen and loose dirt. Then, the main clean adds a biocide solution that digs deeper into the roof material, to kill that embedded lichen and the mold spores that we can’t see. You’ll find that this also prevents regrowth for a while, meaning you won’t need to book another clean anytime soon.

The drone footage of before and after the clean shows you just how thorough our cleaning is: the now-spotless roof takes years off the house’s appearance.


Patio clean

Patios are a great addition to any garden, but we get the best out of them when they’re in top condition. Here, you can see us transform the appearance of a natural stone patio by using a deep steam clean.

This treatment is a perfect balance between eradicating stubborn grime and respecting the stone surface. You can see the dirt and mud loosen up as the steam takes hold, which sets it up for a final wash to get that surface gleaming.


Limestone clean

Limestone is a tricky customer. Rough cleaning can cause cracks and fissures in its surface, allowing water to get in there and weaken the stone.

In this video, you can see how we add prohibitive algae and moss treatment to the surface, before using specialist purpose-built equipment to clean it. Once everything is spotless, we add a premium weatherproof seal — something just as important as the clean. We carefully apply this to each section to protect it against future damage caused by heavy rain and plant growth.

If you found these videos soothing, then head to our website for some more examples of how we guarantee customer satisfaction every time. You can also get a free quote should you want to receive the benefits of our cutting-edge cleaning solutions. 

Here’s the Secret Behind Clearing Your Gutters

When you think of clearing your property’s guttering, you probably get the image of yourself on a ladder, scooping out handfuls of grime and debris. It makes sense — after all, it’s the way many homeowners choose to carry out this chore.

As well as the ladder, you’ll need protective clothing, like a long-sleeved shirt and gloves, and an effective scooper to really get to the bottom of all that muck. Oh, and don’t forget the bucket to hang from your ladder to collect it all.

A full gutter clean will take you a few hours to complete, during which you’ll have to keep climbing up and down the ladder when your bucket gets full, or when you need to reposition it. Also, be careful not to stretch too far when you’re up there - it might cause the ladder to tilt, risking an accident.

When you’re finally done, you might be a little tired. Maybe your arms and legs hurt from all the effort. But at least it’s a job well done.


Still, there is another method. A method that means you don’t have to climb up and down that ladder... you don’t have to wear gloves… and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty.


How the pros clean gutters

A gutter vac system allows you to reach gutters with your feet firmly on the ground. Powered by a motor in a standalone unit, the system generates an airflow that sucks all plants and debris out of guttering through metal poles that reach up to 50 feet. Such a range makes it perfect for getting to those hard-to-reach places that might cause you trouble on a ladder, but it’s also precise enough so that you don’t risk damaging the guttering.


A quick Google search will present many great options for you to look at, but there is one downside - the cost. A gutter-vac system’s powerful nature means their price tag can be over £1,000, which is fine if you’re a business looking to use it regularly, but maybe not for your annual gutter clean.



ProTeam Clean can do it for you


There is a way to take all of this out of your hands — and to protect your bank balance. At ProTeam Clean, we combine expertise with the latest technology to completely clear any type of gutter. Our professional team will make light work of it, finishing the job on the same day with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude - what’s more, we’ll take away all waste and dispose of it off-site.


Each clean will come with a free gutter health check where we’ll identify any leaks or breakages and recommend which action you should take to rectify them. We also provide an extra service to replace, fix or adjust these, if required.


So, visit our website to book your clean and get your free gutter health check as part of the deal. Your gutters, and your legs, will thank you for it.

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